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Windward Beach & Dock

The residents of Windward are fortunate to have a beautiful beach area and dock available as a private amenity for our community members to share and enjoy with our families. Below are a few common-sense guidelines that we ask everyone to observe so we can maintain the beauty of that amenity for everyone in the community.

1) The Windward Beach and Dock are for Windward residents and their accompanied guests to enjoy.

2) Children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by an adult.

3) Pets must be kept on a leash at all times and if your pet has an accident, please clean it up and dispose of it properly.

4) No fires of any kind are allowed on the beach or dock.

5) Do not ride bikes, scooters, skateboards, or roller blades on the dock, both for the safety of the rider and other persons on the dock.

6) Absolutely NO cleaning of fish on the dock or any of the benches or tables on the beach or the dock.

7) DO NOT dig any deep holes in the sand, even if you cover them up. Small holes should be covered and tamped down before leaving the beach. People can stumble and hurt themselves in these holes; this is a very dangerous hazard easily missed if it’s dark outside.

8) Please don’t leave any trash or personal items on the dock or beach, even if you’re coming back later that day or the next day. Take everything you bring with you when you leave.

9) The dock is not designed for any lengthy tie up of large boats. If you tie up your boat, do not leave it unattended.

10) No loud music, parties, or play, especially after 9 pm. Our beach and dock abut resident’s homes – please be considerate of their property and their privacy.

The Golden Rule applies to this community amenity. When you use the beach or dock, leave it as nice or better than you found it. Our beach/dock is maintained by volunteer residents and they need everyone’s assistance to maintain the quality of this asset. If we are all respectful of this shared property, cooperate and work together to maintain the condition of our beach, then the beach and dock will remain a valuable and enjoyable asset to the Windward community.

Windward Property Owners Association